Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

One Pharma offers its customers a wide portfolio comprising production and quality services in a large range of pharmaceutical forms.

Our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to be the first to launch a generic product as well as to provide value added services that help them remain competitive and profitable for the entire life cycle of the product.

Our vast experience in production, quality control and quality assurance complemented by a controlled supply chain enables us to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

The annual production capacity is:

  • 900.000.000 tablets      
  • 30.000.000 nasal sprays
  • 36.000.000 of oral solution bottles (low and high volume)
  • 10.000.000 bottles of solutions for external use (low and high volume)
  • 24.000.000 sachets
  • 300.000.000 capsules