R & D


Our R&D activities focus on products using solid dosage form, oral-controlled and sustained release, semi-solid, liquid, and other drug delivery technologies.

Our emerging differentiated formulations portfolio consists of developing novel formulations of currently marketed products or combinations thereof to enhance patient comfort.

R&D activity is supported by an advanced laboratory hosting a GLP/GMP compliant environment where lab-scale and pilot-scale development are conducted. Scaling-up is executed in collaboration with the Industrial Units following quality and process control strategies.

The development process is highly structured and interactive demanding regular communication between the departments involved in drug research and development.

The R&D Department is staffed with fully trained and highly experienced scientists and has at its disposal state-of-the-art facilities striving to produce products according to GMP/GLP global standards. It boasts of a profoundly skilled team of formulators and analytical chemists who ensure quality in all stages of the development process.

The main activities of the R&D Department are:

  • Preformulation studies (Compatibility Studies)
  • Formulation Development
  • Design and Validation of Analytical Method (according to ICH guidelines)
  • Robust and cost-effective manufacturing process development and optimization
  • Process Validation (according to ICH guidelines)
  • Stability Studies, including Photostability and In-use stability (according to ICH guidelines).

The main purpose of the R&D Department is to provide new generic and innovative products, based on quality and health safety.